Episode 7- Recap of the Start of the Off-season, with Interview’s from Hanford Dixon and Tyler Tettleton

Listen here for Episode 7 with interviews from Hanford Dixon and Tyler Tettleton!

Episode 7 of The Browns Brothers Podcast

Episode 7 Highlights:

  • 3:20- Browns Brothers Pepsi Protest- Rookie of the year snub
  • 4:20- Addressing NFL Drama and Diva’s
  • 8:10- Discussing Toledo Rocket’s
  • 11:55- FAKE NEWS alert
  • 13:40- Hanford Dixon joins the show
    • 14:30- Hanford explains how he came up with the “Dawg Pound”
    • 20:00- Hanford’s comparison of 6 to Favre 
    • 22:45- Thought’s on the new coaching staff
    • 25:40- NFL Record talk- Hanford talks about getting bored on the field
    • 28:30 – Hanford’s predictions for the team
  • 30:45- Tyler Tettleton joins the show
    • 33:25- What Tyler misses most about Athens and who is the real OU
    • 34:00- Tyler’s favorite OU stomping grounds
    • 38:55- Learning from Legends
    • 40:00- Tyler and Baker’s Relationship
    • 43:40- Insider Draft Knowledge on Kyler Murray
    • 47:00- Tyler explains what his role as a coach will be
    • 47:50- Tyler joins in on our food contest
  • 51:05- The Browns Brothers Baker’s Dozen of offseason needs 

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