The Browns Brothers- Season 3 Episode 2 (feat. 10 min. Tea Spill)

After a brief hiatus from the airwaves, The Browns Brothers are back with new segments and recapping the most unique offseason. Welcome to Season 3 of The Browns Brothers Podcast!


  • UPDATE since last episode
    • Daniel’s Move to CBUS
    • Jonathan’s First Birdie
    • Bumper Pool Series
    • New Family Member
    • Fishing not catching
    • Plant talk
  • Covid Update
    • Porn Addiction?
    • NFL Changes
    • RIP to Misbehaving Season
  • Draft Review
  • Offseason MERGERS and Acquisitions
  • Madden Ratings
  • EQ. Talk
  • Around the League
    • Cam newton
    • R Word’s
    • Gronk to the Bucs
    • Jameis to Saints
  • Rumor Mill is Spinning
    • What the Njoku?
    • Odell Blondie
    • AFC North Update
  • 10 Min. Tea Spill w/ Audrey & Libby
    • “I bet you’re 3rd string”
    • Fashion and Dating Tips
  • Waiver Wire
    • Nba Bubble
    • Season Goal
    • “I wanna be a Play Caller, Shot Caller”
    • Fight Island Review
    • What’s Next?

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